Simple Spanish Style Rice

25 Jun 2017

This was a quick one that I threw together one day when I wanted to make some Spanish rice to go with tamales. I looked up a few recipes online, but all were using canned tomato sauce and I try not to use canned food if I can avoid it.

I decided to come up with my own version and it was NonNomMonkey tested and hubby approved!



First, you want to put on of the tbsp of the lemon olive oil, onion, garlic, tomato and chilli powder into a saucepan on medium-high heat, stirring constantly until onions start to look a little softer, and you can really start smelling the mixture. (This should be roughly 3-4 min) remove from heat. **If you used a fresh lemon, you will have squeezed half the lemon in for this step

Next, add rice and water and the additional tbsp of olive oil (and 2nd half of squeezed lemon), mix, place back on burner, reduce heat to low, place lid on top to keep moitsure in and help absorption. You will simmer the rice for roughly 15-20 min. I would check at the 15 mark, mix the rice to check on consistency. My rice took 18 min to make.

Once water has been absorbed, you are all set!

Below is the finished product… this was paired up with some refried beans and tamales from Sprouts. It was a quick and easy meal! or this can be a great side for a pot luck!